• • Cost is £85+vat @ 20% per sample. Price shown includes VAT. • Read through all the instruction on sending your samples on the main Soil Testing Page. • Once sample is sent, please send email to info@newgenagri.com confirming customer details and number of samples sent so we can track them for you. • Please allow for a turnaround period of up to 4 weeks from receipt of soil samples
  • Christopher Columbus identified four crops which he considered indispensable for human survival and well-being – grapes, olives, wheat and aloe vera.

    Aloe vera is a powerful botanical activator and plant growth promotant that increases phytoalexin production and improves overall plant health. Aloe-Tech™ is a whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate (500% stronger than standard aloe extracts). Research suggests that Aloe-Tech™ is the most powerful fungi booster currently available. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • Amino acids chelate, promote and activate but, most importantly, they simplify the protein building process for the plant and the energy saved can be utilised elsewhere.

    This potent concentrate of amino acids is derived from enzymatically digested plant protein. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • A high performance microbe brewer designed for volumes of 400 – 1000 L.

    The Brewstar 1000™ is a versatile and multi-faceted microbe brewer incorporating aeration, agitation and transfer pumping capacity. The unit provides a bypass system that allows the user to fill spray rigs from the brewing unit without having to stop the aeration of the brew mix. The unit uses two venturis that are facing forwards and back and angled slightly towards the floor to provide agitation and prevent the formation of dead spots. The Brewstar 1000™ is an integral component in intensive horticulture where brew volumes rarely exceed 1000 L at a given time. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • Amino-chelated liquid calcium (with boron). Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and boron is the steering wheel.

    A liquid calcium product, combining enhanced absorption capacity and bio-promotion with the highest percentage of chelated calcium in ionic form. Cal-Tech™ is chelated with amino acids. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, trace elements, natural growth promotants and vitamin B12 (a growth promotant that has been shown to increase calcium uptake and bio-availability).
  • Silicon, the cell-strengthener, is the missing link in many fertility programs, and can be a spectacular yield-builder.

    Dia-Life Organic™ is based on a micronised diatomaceous earth, which contains 90% (approx.) silica in amorphous form – unlike quartz crystal, there is no risk of associated health problems. Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of the microscopic, fossilised, chelated remains of diatoms – single-celled aquatic plants. A large part of the plant response is based on silicon, but DE also contains a broad range of micronutrients. Silicon also plays a role in photosynthesis and acts as a general tonic. Recently boron has been identified as a silica synergist, so this formula contains boron at around 0.70%. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • A microbial brew adjuvant for stabilisation and fungal domination.

    Use with LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) and a microbial inoculum such as compost to produce exceptional brews for promoting growth and bio-balancing.
  • A valuable tool for monitoring pH, useful for testing soil water & fertiliser solutions. Includes a soil testing kit to make monitoring your soil quick and easy.

    The pH scale ranges from 0 – 14 (acidic to alkaline or basic), with pH 7 being neutral. Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to crops, and for most crops the ideal soil pH is 6.4. Soil pH can be measured quickly and accurately with the Eco pH Meter and soil test kit.
  • The introduction of the “clay buster” in liquid form allows ease of application and more precision in placement.

    A high-analysis source of micronised natural gypsum combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. The soil conditioning capacity of gypsum is dramatically magnified with the huge increase in surface area associated with micronisation.
  • High analysis pH-buffered liquid potassium complexed with citric acid.

    Problems with potassium uptake are often pH-related, due to the inherent alkalinity of this element. K-Rich™ involves potassium citrate – a buffered, super-available form of potassium. Specifically designed for foliar fertilising fruit, vegetable and grain crops during the potassium-hungry fruit/seed-fill stage. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • Specialised food formulation for microbial brews.

    One key to successful compost tea brewing is the supply of a food source capable of feeding and fostering thousands of different microbe species. LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) contains the essential ingredients, which have proven to deliver suitable promotion to maintain this all-important diversity during the multiplication process.
  • Magnesium is the central ion in a chlorophyll molecule. The majority of crops require some liquid magnesium supplementation, regardless of soil levels.

    A high analysis source of micronised magnesium carbonate combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Magnesium is a photosynthesis enhancer, which generally requires some supplementation in all cropping situations regardless of soil test results. Magnesium should be maintained at luxury levels for maximum yield. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
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