Dia-Life Organic™

Silicon, the cell-strengthener, is the missing link in many fertility programs, and can be a spectacular yield-builder.

Dia-Life Organic™ is based on a micronised diatomaceous earth, which contains 90% (approx.) silica in amorphous form – unlike quartz crystal, there is no risk of associated health problems. Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of the microscopic, fossilised, chelated remains of diatoms – single-celled aquatic plants. A large part of the plant response is based on silicon, but DE also contains a broad range of micronutrients. Silicon also plays a role in photosynthesis and acts as a general tonic. Recently boron has been identified as a silica synergist, so this formula contains boron at around 0.70%.



Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.

Micronisation creates plant-available silicon.

Silicon increases yield and quality.

Silicon increases flowering and fruit-set.

Silicon is a key element for turf grasses, dairy pastures and other grass species like sugar cane.

Boron is included as a silica synergist and for reproductive support.


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