Amino-chelated liquid calcium (with boron). Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and boron is the steering wheel.

A liquid calcium product, combining enhanced absorption capacity and bio-promotion with the highest percentage of chelated calcium in ionic form. Cal-Tech™ is chelated with amino acids. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, trace elements, natural growth promotants and vitamin B12 (a growth promotant that has been shown to increase calcium uptake and bio-availability).


Calcium is the single most important nutrient in high-production agriculture and Cal-Tech™ provides rapidly absorbed, chelated liquid calcium.

Calcium and boron are synergists and part of The Big Four, i.e. four elements that should always be maintained at luxury levels within the plant.

Boron is directly involved in the translocation of sugars from the leaf to the roots. Half of these sugars are exuded into the root zone to feed beneficial microorganisms, i.e. boron has a direct biological link.

Best results are achieved from well-timed, multiple applications. In this context, all crops respond to calcium supplementation during the crop cycle.


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