Eco pH Meter Kit™

A valuable tool for monitoring pH, useful for testing soil water & fertiliser solutions. Includes a soil testing kit to make monitoring your soil quick and easy.

The pH scale ranges from 0 – 14 (acidic to alkaline or basic), with pH 7 being neutral. Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to crops, and for most crops the ideal soil pH is 6.4. Soil pH can be measured quickly and accurately with the Eco pH Meter and soil test kit.



Lightweight & pocket-sized.

LCD display.

Hold function.

Up to 3 point calibration.

Auto buffer recognition.

Automatic temperature compensation.

Transparent cap for samples and storage.

Auto-off 8.5 min.

pH 4.0 and 7.0 buffer solutions included.

Electrode storage solution included.

Soil testing jar (graduated for accurate soil & water measurement) included.

The Eco pH Meter can also be used for monitoring water quality and determining the pH of fertiliser solutions. This can provide valuable information regarding mix compatibility and allow the user to determine and fine tune the tank mix pH for optimum efficacy.

Applications include: Soil, fertiliser, hydroponics, aquaculture, pools & spas, water, environmental monitoring, microbe brewing.


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