• Natural nitrogen captured from the atmosphere and converted to plant-available nitrogen in the root zone.

    Nutri-Life Bio-N™ contains organisms capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen in the soil. Azotobacter, a free-living nitrogen fixer, can tap into the 74,000 tonnes of nitrogen gas hanging over every hectare. Azotobacter also secrete hygroscopic mucilage in the root-zone, which assists in retaining soil moisture. Nutri-Life Bio-N™ has proven a reliable and consistent performer in Australian conditions since 1998.
  • Biologically induced plant growth promotion achieved through the enhancement of leaf life.

    Nutri-Life Bio-Plex™ is a foliar fertiliser that produces a complex, multi-dimensional growth response. It includes finely tuned nitrogen-fixers, which utilise carbon exudates from the leaf to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere directly into the leaf and a range of microbes that release natural growth promotants such as gibberellic acid, cytokinins, auxins and indoleacetic acid. Contains species that produce vitamins including C, E and B group, as well as a range of organisms that secrete a substance that can help maintain balance of beneficials on the leaf surface.

    Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) (4 species) now blended with a broader range of complementary species including Trichoderma and beneficial bacteria.

    New and Improved Blend to be applied by seed treatment or seedling dip. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • New Activator Technology – Beneficial bacterial bio-balancers with plant growth promoting capacity.

    B.Sub™ contains selected, vigorous strains of Bacillus subtilis. Includes an Activator powder containing protein precursors for enhanced beneficial metabolite production.
  • Bacteria which break free insoluble reserves of locked up phosphorus in agricultural soils.

    All soils with a history of applied fertilisers contain large amounts of insoluble phosphate, due to the dynamics of the phosphate ion. Nutri-Life Bio-P™ is designed to solubilise those frozen reserves, utilising specialist Azotobacter species in conjunction with a phosphate liberator – Bacillus subtilis. The CSIRO have estimated that Australian soils contain ten billion dollars of applied phosphorus.
  • Naturally-occurring, bio-balancing fungal species to assist in the recovery of previously affected insect damaged plants.

    Myco-Force™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, and Lecanicillium lecanii. The inclusion of these three species together in one product may prove to be extremely effective.
  • Beneficial fungi to improve the balance between desirable and undesirable microorganisms on the leaf surface and in the soil.

    Tricho-Shield™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum and Trichoderma koningii, which promote plant and root growth. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • Multipurpose blend of anaerobic species for soil, compost and plant health.

    This breakthrough probiotic blend contains lactic acid bacteria and purple non-sulfur bacteria plus beneficial yeasts and microbial exudates. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • Multi-task microbial inoculum

    Nutri-Life Micro-Force™ contains a blend of beneficial soil and plant microbes specifically designed to produce a robust bacterial dominated brew. On-farm brewing allows economical access to the diverse benefits of this species blend which can be soil or foliar applied depending on the desired result. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
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