Nutri-Life Bio-N™

Natural nitrogen captured from the atmosphere and converted to plant-available nitrogen in the root zone.

Nutri-Life Bio-N™ contains organisms capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen in the soil. Azotobacter, a free-living nitrogen fixer, can tap into the 74,000 tonnes of nitrogen gas hanging over every hectare. Azotobacter also secrete hygroscopic mucilage in the root-zone, which assists in retaining soil moisture. Nutri-Life Bio-N™ has proven a reliable and consistent performer in Australian conditions since 1998.



Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.

Access free atmospheric nitrogen.

Increase yield and quality.

Reduce soil erosion.

Improve water retention.

Enhance germination.

Promote root growth.

Phosphate release.


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