Plant Sap Potassium Meter

Early growth, stem strength, fruit/seed size and plant sugar production are all governed by potassium.

Potassium management is critical in the pursuit of high-production fertility, which is why in-field potassium monitoring can be very productive. Potassium is utilised during fruit and seed filling and is critical to maximising crop yields. However, potassium is often overused in contemporary horticulture and excesses can tie up magnesium and boron. Monitoring sap potassium levels throughout the crop cycle can assist in balancing and optimising potassium application.


Japanese manufactured specialist ion meter featuring flat sensor technology, which allows measurement of a very small volume of liquid – ideal for plant sap measurements.

Measurement range 39 – 3900 ppm.

Display range 0 – 9900 ppm.


3 sampling methods available depending on sample volume.

Automatic temperature compensation.

Auto hold and auto power off.

Replacement sensor available.

Note: Published crop specific data is limited as this is a relatively new research area. Contact NTS for the NTS Sap Testing Procedure for currently available ideal levels. Comparing data in your crop from season to season while noting yields and insect pressure, as well as making comparisons on sap nutrient status between healthy and suboptimal crops/plants, and comparing young and old leaves, can provide valuable information for fine tuning fertiliser inputs and correcting imbalances.


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