• Good seed-starters are like mother’s milk. Early hormonal, enzymal and nutritional support translates to improved health throughout the life cycle.

    A fusion of proven germination enhancers and seedling kick-starters designed to promote early vigour and improved plant health.
  • Soluble Seaweed Powder – 3 Species

    Different kelp species have unique effects upon plant health and crop potential depending upon their nutrient & hormonal profile. Tri-Kelp™ from NTS offers a unique formulation of the three most popular growth promoting seaweed species. Laminaria, Sargassum and Ascophyllum nodosum are the three components of a new 100% soluble seaweed powder, which promises to redefine the concept of cost-effective kelp. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
  • A high analysis source of calcium, magnesium and boron, complexed with fulvic acid and mannitol (derived from kelp).

  • A liquid fertiliser representing state-of-the-art fusion – i.e. utilising the best of both worlds – conventional and organic.

    Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) is a liquid fertiliser combining a hot mix N-P-K blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants. These natural growth promotants include fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser and vitamins. Triple Ten™ represents state-of-the-art, crop-specific fusion fertilising. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
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