Nutri-Stim Triacontanol™

Triacontanol is a naturally occurring plant growth promoter which can act as a photosynthesis enhancer.

Triacontanol increases cell division rates leading to production of larger root and shoot mass. When sprayed on plants during growth periods, it activates secondary messengers leading to enhanced enzymatic activities in plants that increase the brix level in fruit.



Influences mineral uptake from soil.

Increases permeability to water and solutions and enhances capacity to retain moisture.

Supports the actions of natural enzymes and hormones in the plant.

Increases the rate of photosynthesis.

Enhances synthesis of proteins.

Promotes flower buds.

Promotes more tillering and branching.

Reduces leaf drop, flower and fruit drop.

Increases crop height.

Increases root mass and length.

Promotes earlier maturity.


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