NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

When boron, the most leachable of trace elements, is stabilised and retained for the full crop cycle, the crop response can be remarkable.

Boron (as B2O3) is fused with humates and presented as a 2-4 mm granule for easier application. Boron is the most unstable of the trace elements and is easily leached from the soil (particularly in low humus soils). Humic acid can fuse with boron in the root zone for the full crop cycle.




Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI (Restricted).

Boron is complexed into a humate colloid to create a slow-release response.

Boron increases calcium efficiency and like calcium, is involved in cell wall strength and is important for good root development.

Boron plays a critical role during the pollination stage of the reproduction process and the presence or lack of this element at this time can dramatically influence yield.

A 2 – 4 mm granule can be combined with any granular fertiliser mix to simplify application. Unlike traditional boron sources, this product can safely be used in planting blends.


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