• A microbial brew adjuvant for stabilisation and fungal domination.

    Use with LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) and a microbial inoculum such as compost to produce exceptional brews for promoting growth and bio-balancing.
  • A high performance microbe brewer designed for volumes of 400 – 1000 L.

    The Brewstar 1000™ is a versatile and multi-faceted microbe brewer incorporating aeration, agitation and transfer pumping capacity. The unit provides a bypass system that allows the user to fill spray rigs from the brewing unit without having to stop the aeration of the brew mix. The unit uses two venturis that are facing forwards and back and angled slightly towards the floor to provide agitation and prevent the formation of dead spots. The Brewstar 1000™ is an integral component in intensive horticulture where brew volumes rarely exceed 1000 L at a given time. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT BROCHURE
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